• Saturday , 11 January 2020
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Jewish Apple Cake

Jewish Apple Cake

We stumbled on a small neighborhood grocery store called Randolph Market while exploring Hopewell, VA and they sold an amazing Jewish Apple Cake.
 Hopewell is a bit of a drive and I haven’t seen any Apple Cake for sale in the grocery stores I frequent in Richmond so when the craving hit, I just had to bake it.
 I borrowed a tube pan since my Goodwill trip for one was unsuccessful but I found an unused muffin pan for $3.00

Literally my cheap thrill of the day!

 I followed a Jewish Apple Cake recipe I found online. I think it’s great that people share recipes. My pet peeve is when others don’t give due credit and even go as far as calling a “borrowed” recipe their own!

Anyway, my tips for baking this yummy treat are shared below.
I baked this cake two days in a row, one for brunch with friends/family and the other cake was   not for sharing 😛
I ran out of oil when I made the first
Apple Cake and used butter instead.
 It was more dense than the second cake
but it was still good.


Tips: Mix in the cinnamon and sugar with the apples so each piece of apple is coated with cinn-sugar once it’s in the cake.

I also chopped some apples coated in cinn-sugar and mixed it in with the batter instead of layering it on the cake.

Search youtube on how to properly grease and flour the baking pan if you don’t know how.

I suggest reading through the reviews on the recipe website for helpful tips/suggestions from other bakers.
Happy Baking!

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