Leche Flan Angel Food Cake

Leche Flan Angel Food Cake

A 2 layer dessert made up of flan and angel food cake.  This recipe uses only 6 eggs.  The yolks are used for the flan and the egg whites are used for the cake.



Ingredients for Caramel

Ingredients for Flan

Ingredients for Angel Food Cake


Instructions for Caramel

Instructions for Flan

Instructions for Angel Food Cake Layer

Instructions for Leche Flan Angel Food Cake


Be careful when making caramel for the flan.  Sugar when heated turns into a thick molten liquid, also known as caramel, which is  about 310 to 330 degrees Fahrenheit.  Avoid skin contact with caramel because it will cause a severe burn.  A water bath is required to bake the cake for even cooking and to prevent the flan from cracking.  Be careful when taking out the water bath from the oven to prevent burns.

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