• Friday , 10 January 2020
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The Philippine Islands in Black and White – Modern Map Art

The Philippine Islands in Black and White – Modern Map Art

It’s been awhile since I posted!  A combination of writer’s block and a hectic work schedule prevented me from giving my website much TLC.  I am currently working on several posts at the moment with the intention of banking several posts to publish for later.   The idea of having several narratives and recipes pre-written is a little late in the game. I missed this valuable idea/tip somehow since there is so much information to learn about owning a website.

Anyway, let’s talk about maps.  Jennifer Beck of Modern Map Art sent a free print for me to review.  I checked out their website and found it to be simple and easy to use.  The maps are either pre-made or customizable which is a nice option specially when one wants to zoom in on a particular area. There are several styles of maps to choose from on the drop down menu when customizing a map.  Modern Map art is not limited to posters but also include art/skyline prints, I-phone cases, and map pillows.

I was sent a map of the Philippines with stark white lines on a black silhouette depicting borders of cities, towns and provinces within the country.  Our walls are painted egg shell blue, beige and white on different rooms in our home.  The map looks great on any background.  I initially thought the map was too bold and modern for our house but the design and detail has grown on me.  We love it. I think Modern Map Art is a great idea for a gift.  On a side note, my better half is now looking at the website.  I think he wants a map for Christmas.

Link to Modern Map Art: https://www.modernmapart.com

psst… the site says “FREE US SHIPPING on ALL orders”!

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