• Sunday , 12 January 2020
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Turkey-Parsley "chinese" Pancakes and Dipping Sauce

Turkey-Parsley "chinese" Pancakes and Dipping Sauce

I woke up at 5:45 am yesterday craving for Scallion Pancakes often served for breakfast in Chinese restaurants.
 Full Kee is the closest I’ve found to an authentic Chinese restaurant in RVA but I doubt they would be open early in the morning or that they’ll have scallion pancakes on their menu.
 Snow was still on the ground (pretty!) and too cold to venture outside for scallions so I just used ingredients I thought would work for these type of pancakes.
The result: Turkey breast and Parsley pancakes.

I used part of this recipePan-Fried Chinese Pancake for the pancake ingredients and a YouTube video by danrt50 for Chinese Green Onion Pancakes for some techniques on how to properly knead, stuff, and fold the pancake.

I don’t usually use precise measurements for ingredients so I just poured water, salt, and flour in a bowl.
I don’t recommend doing this if you have no experience in making dough.  I also used sesame oil and olive oil to brush the dough with since I don’t use shortening or peanut oil.

Other Chinese pancake videos I scanned didn’t use the same techniques as danrt50’s video so that made me confident enough that the pancakes don’t have to be perfectly shaped and that there really is no right or wrong way to make them.

Just make sure the dough is moist and smooth…
sort of like Play-Doh and not too dry that the surface cracks when dough is shaped into a ball.
I did learn something new with danrt50’s folding technique on video minute 12:50, thanks!

Here’s my own recipe for the dipping sauce
which is also great as a marinade or  salad dressing:

1 clove Crushed Garlic
Vinegar (any kind will do)
Soy sauce/Ponzu sauce
Sesame oil
Sugar (optional)
Chilli (optional)
water/chicken broth to thin the mixture
Mix it all together and adjust depending on taste.



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